Free pass for ‘South Park’?

Knowledge of right and wrong may be the key to understanding how the show pushes so many boundaries

Now, before you go condemning me for watching “South Park,” I am not an avid viewer. But, as I sit here watching the most recent episode, I’m thinking, how? How do they make an unrealistic and inappropriate cartoon version of Kaitlyn Jenner and get away with it? How do they make fun of Catholics, gingers, women, stem cell research, etc.? Have there been no lawsuits, no complaints, no uproars?

They make satire out of taboo subject matter and it makes people laugh, but why?

I try my best to be PC, or politically correct, especially in today’s world. There is racism, sexism, xenophobia, and so many other types of inequality and prejudice that we can see everywhere we look: social media, newspapers, even the President of the united States. So, why do we get outraged when Donald Trump says something outlandishly cruel, and do nothing when a television show calls out an entire race?

As an occasional viewer, I like to think that watching an episode of “South Park” lets us laugh at the ridiculousness of division. We can take a breath, and not overthink every word that comes out of an idiot’s mouth, like Donald Trump. In the media we hear a lot of opinions on politics and what is right or wrong. In reality, though, most people do not know much about politics. I mean, heck, I only know about certain topics that affect or interest me. If anything, the show is satirizing the fact that media has become much more opinion-based than fact-based.
I don’t agree with most things said on “South Park,” but I won’t go pretending I don’t laugh at the Donald Trump impersonator or the “remember berries.” I know the difference between right and wrong, and I think the only reason people don’t get upset is because sometimes we just need to laugh things off and not take ourselves so seriously.

Don’t watch “South Park” if it upsets you, but don’t condemn the show. Whether you deem it inappropriate is your business, but the show has been around for 20 seasons and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.


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