Expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green

Conor Kelly (TheLorian)

Controversy is not a new thing in politics, it has been one of its main features throughout history, both in America and worldwide. Politics have always been a heated exchange and that likely won’t end with just this article. However, there are rare times when an extreme response is necessary. When it comes to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th district, such drastic measures are necessary. It is time for the House to use its power of expulsion to keep order.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green is a freshmen congresswoman, a ‘former’ Q-anon supporter and a well-established conspiracy theorist. She was elected during the last election cycle, defeating Democrat John Cowan in 2020. She ran on a platform of red-baiting and promoting unfounded fears of socialists taking over the country. Ultimately, Marjorie Taylor Greene has a problem with conspiracies and accountability.

In 2018, then Marjorie Greene, a private citizen received a comment regarding the tragic Parkland shooting, which the original poster suggested that the mass murder of children was a false flag operation. Greene, rather than pushing back on the horrid comments, agreed with them. Indeed, the dignity of the Parkland victims has remained entirely unimportant to Greene, who has recently been exposed for harassing David Hogg outside the capitol building. During the encounter with Hogg, Greene spouted off a variety of conspiracies and insults, one of which was the deeply anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that George Soros is funding liberal organizations to take away America’s guns. Although it was Hogg who got the last laugh as he has now been echoing calls for her expulsion and or resignation.

This conspiracism and hostility to her political opponents is not a bug in Rep. Greene’s character; it is her ultimate feature. Riding on the heels of her previous scandals, another expose revealed that Rep. Greene has a history of both implicitly and explicitly endorsing violence against members of Congress. In 2019, she liked a post referring to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi which read, “a bullet to the head would be quicker,” suggesting that Greene held extensive contempt for the Speaker’s life. In a variety of other incidents, Greene liked posts calling for the execution of FBI agents who she believed were in the Deep State, a conspiracy about a shadow government of Satanists who worked to undermine Trump. Greene’s erratic threats were not just restricted to likes or off-handed comments. In a speech from 2019, Greene accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of treason, paying particular attention to the fact that treason can be punished via the Death Penalty.

I could go on, but the fact is that all of her aforementioned behavior is reason enough to expel her from office. And I haven’t even gotten into the anti-Semitic conspiracies she made up about the Rothschilds and the California forest fires or how that provoked the American Jewish Congress and the American Democratic Council to denounce her. And even then, I would not have touched the surface with her absurdity. I firmly believe that the people get the government they vote for, but when members of congress conduct themselves in the manner that Rep. Greene has done, it is time for such members to be removed.

Under Article 1 §5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, the House has the power to determine the means by which it punishes its members. I, for one, think promoting assassinations, overt anti-Semitic conspiracy theories is perfectly reasonable grounds for the House to expel her. California Democrat, Jimmy Gomez has already announced that he will be pursuing her expulsion in the House. Now is not the time to demure or wait for bipartisanship. Now is the time to send a message that nonsense like Greene’s will not be tolerated in the people’s House. No matter what, conspiracism, violence and overt prejudice should not be permitted into the highest vestiges of legislative authority, and so long as Congress fails to act, they will continue to allow Rep. Greene to taint the very government she seeks to serve in.

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Conor J. Kelly was the Opinion Editor for the Lorian and a prolific staff writer. He graduated from Loras College in April of 2021 and is now pursuing his master's in political science at the University of Illinois, Springfield. You can find his new work on The Progressive American newsletter.

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