Election integrity: A necessity

Darby Callahan (TheLorian)

Former-President Trump claimed that he lost the election due to unfair election laws in some states. President Biden won the popular vote and Electoral College vote, and insists there were no cases of fraud. The Supreme Court of the United States and lower federal and state courts agreed with him. Senator Tim Scott introduced a bill back in January, a few days before the election results were certified, that would create a bipartisan “election integrity commission” according to the Washington Examiner. I believe this would be a great bill to use as a foundation to new election integrity laws. Instead of focusing on former President Trump, we should be trying to make sure fraud allegations are never seen as a threat to our Republic. France has been in five Republics, and there is nothing saying the people do not demand a new system. If the people in American can not trust their elected officials to be their voice, what we saw at the capital on Jan. 6 could happen again depending on the election cycle and how fair the people believe their elections are.

Sen. Scott stated, “Simply put, Congress needs to act in a bipartisan fashion to examine missteps – intentional or not – made this year in state legislatures across the country,” (Washington Examiner). Both sides in Congress need to act to make sure what happened in 2020 never happens again. According to a Reuters poll, 73 percent of those polled believed and agreed President Biden was legitimately elected to the highest office in the United States. Then, in a separate question on whether Republicans believed Trump or Biden “Rightfully Won,” there were 52 percent of Republicans that believed “Trump rightfully won.” As a republic, Congress should want the American people to believe that their elections are safe and secure.

What are some things Congress can enact in addition to Sen. Scott’s election integrity bill? I think one of the most important things to enact is the plan to start the count of mail-in ballots before the election instead of starting on election day. In America, Election Day should be a national holiday, so more people can get out and vote for their elected officials. I also think there needs to be a finalized vote count on Election Day. No votes should count past Election Day. If someone is worried that their mail-in vote did not count due to the Post Office not receiving it in time, they should call their election annex or Auditors office, and request that the ballot received in the mail be destroyed, and they should go fill out a new ballot at the Auditor’s office.

Election Day should be used for what it is: to announce the winner of the election after the polls have closed. Final popular votes should be counted by midnight of the Wednesday after the election. Most of the opposition will argue that it is not enough time to get all the votes counted, and I would argue that the next best thing would be to eliminate mail-in ballots all together if they are concerned about not getting ballots in on time. I would also propose that early voting antenna stations get set up in nursing homes and all community living unit buildings just as they are on college campuses. This way people can not claim that they will not be able to vote if they do not allow mail-in ballots.

Election integrity laws need to be put in place if we want to keep our republic. I believe in the right to bear arms in case of a tyrannical government. I believe the people of the United States should have the right to overthrow a government if they do feel their constitutional rights are being upheld. If the Democrats are sure there was no election fraud in 2020, then they should be open to enacting laws that would protect future elections. If the Republicans truly believe there was fraud, they would be sure to support the election integrity commission and could hear evidence of the fraud in order to protect the country from future election fraud as well.

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