Invitation to the Loras community

By Mark A. Mederson, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof. of Media Studies

I worked in journalism, in one form or another, for more than 25 years before I returned to school to pursue a Ph. D. While I tend to be more optimistic than many when it comes to the current 140-character-attention-span media environment, I am concerned that I don’t see more input from students (and faculty) in The Lorian. So concerned that I have committed to volunteer as the “unofficial” advisor to the campus newspaper for the remainder of this school year.

The Lorian is a great platform for students to make their views known or to simply write about something that they care about. Do you know about a particular subject that most people your age may not? Tell us about it.

A perfect example was student contributor Megan Gronau’s article entitled, “Got Milk?” in the October 17 edition of the paper. Megan grew up on a dairy farm and knows a lot about milk. I enjoyed reading her informative comparison between cow’s milk and the other “milks” (almond and coconut – which are actually juices, not milk).

Perhaps you grew up doing something – anything – that may seem second nature to you but that others might find interesting, informative or even entertaining. Give it a shot. Write it up!

For example, are you from a different part of the country (or even a different country all together) and find the “ways” of the Upper Midwest to be rather, shall we say, unusual? I moved here from Texas. Why is so much of the food up here various shades of beige? And, no – just because you use green Jell-O (mixed with fruit cocktail) does NOT mean you can call it a salad! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

If you’re a faculty member who would like to tell the rest of the campus, beyond your classroom, about your research, why not write it up for The Lorian? And it doesn’t have to be about research either. Perhaps you enjoy doing more creative work or would like to compose an editorial. Write it up! (Just be aware – I’ve already called dibs on beige food editorials.)

Of course, not everything that gets submitted will get printed but I know the students that work hard on this campus to put a newspaper out nearly every week of the school year would love to get some more and varied content for the paper. Why not give it your best shot? Show us your inner Susan Sontag or Henry Thoreau.

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