Do more than support each other, support tolerance

Hello, dear readers. No opinions from “the Left” for you today, no Democratic ramblings. I would be remiss if I did anything but honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, however small that contribution may be. This column is dedicated to those victims, especially the three people taken too soon from this Earth. This is dedicated to their memory and to the hope that the feelings of hate or misunderstanding or whatever it was that made these two brothers commit these heinous acts are someday soon wiped from the minds of people and replaced with understanding, charity and brotherhood. How best to serve in their memory and in the spirit of understanding?

Some react with rage. If you know me, I’m a fairly upbeat person; I’m not generally one to act with rage. Others seek solidarity and calm. I’ve seen a resurgence of the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters circulating the Internet since the attacks. Actually, no. I won’t. I won’t stay calm; I’m mad as hell. I’m mad that these individuals attacked the Boston Marathon. I’m angry that any person would think of attacking us like this at all. I think it’s despicable, and we have to seek justice for the victims of this heinous attack on Boston.

But let me tell you something else that makes me mad as hell. And here is where you’ll see me act with rage. I’m angry at the man who had the audacity and the ignorance to yell “F*** you, Muslims!” and punch a woman in Boston because she was wearing a hijab. I’m angry at the Duhawk, who I thankfully do not have the pleasure of knowing, who I overhead called them “The Arabs” before we even knew who the perpetrators were. Or that young man’s friend, attributing these attacks to the same extremist group who attacked us on 9/11.

I will not stand for that, and neither should you. I will not become political on this, there’s no place for it. But, I will make an appeal to you, as I often do. Comparing the whole of Islam to these extremists is the equivalent of comparing the whole of Christianity to the Westboro Baptist Church. Extremists are called extremists for a reason. These people are the minority, don’t let them ruin the bunch. The attitude of ignorance or hatred is just as destructive as a bomb. It’s what gets us into wars; it’s what robs the world of thousands of citizens every day.

Please, fight this. Fight this ignorance; fight this hatred. At a small, Catholic college, it is so easy to become blind to the diversity around us. But it is our collective duty to fight this attitude just as hard as we fight against the people who attack us. It is your duty, to come together: Democrat, Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Catholic, atheist, gay, straight, professor or student, and remember the victims of the Boston bombings. Honor them by fostering understanding and love, not hatred. Please, carry the notion of Duhawk support inside of you on campus and beyond. Do more than just support each other, support peace.

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