Democratic Party: The political party of the elite

Lavish parties, expensive outfits, and glamorous nights out. While this may sound like a night in Hollywood, and in some cases it was, this is actually a Democratic fundraiser. Hillary Clinton has hosted a multitude of fundraisers, with some events costing upwards of $100,000 a person to attend. It’s funny that someone who preaches about income inequality would rather spend her time raising money and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous than with hardworking Americans who are barely making ends meet.

The Democratic Party has become the party of the elite while the Republican Party has become a party of the working-class citizen, wanting lower taxes and less government intervention in their everyday lives. While the Democrats preach that inequality is a major issue, they are having parties, spending money that could benefit those who don’t have enough to feed their families. Instead, they are giving it to a candidate who wears $13,000 Armani jackets so she can talk about how she understands the middle class.

I have heard so many people discuss that Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the middle class. One prime example is the fact that she just bought another house. A comment that stuck most prominently in my mind was contributed by anonymous Facebook user: “How can she claim to understand the working class when she can afford to buy multiple two-million dollar homes, and some families are struggling to make one house payment a month? She isn’t part of the working class, she is part of the elite.”

Another prime example of why the Democratic Party has become the party of the elite is that they have multiple actors and actresses at every fundraiser. Once again, this is the Democratic Party blatantly flaunting that they have money and that people should vote for them solely because of the famous person attending their fundraiser. If those stars really understood how to help the middle and lower class, they would give their wealth to help those in need rather than believing the government should just give handouts. The Democratic plan to help America is to tax hard-working Americans and give that money to people who aren’t willing to work and don’t have any desire to do anything for themselves. The government shouldn’t be there to give handouts; they should be there to give a hand up to people who have fallen on hard times. The people in this country who are suffering are going to continue to suffer under Democratic control intent on taxing until they destroy America. Taxing can destroy just as easily as it can help build up.

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