Conservatives and queso: A different way to view the debate

Ahhh, politicians. We love them, we hate them, but if we want a say in this wonderful country we have to pay attention to them and vote when the time comes. As college students, most of us can vote, and we have so many perspectives thrown at us. At times it’s overwhelming, but then you calm down and are able to learn about views you have developed over time. Recently, I have become engulfed in learning about politics because I will be voting for the first time this year, as many Loras College students are. What better way to figure out who your candidate is than to watch them all debate and interrupt each other on TV while you eat chips and dip. I was planning on just watching the debate at home, but I thought Salsa’s was the place to be, and the price was right.

If you have never been to Salsa’s, it’s an absolute must. I recommend it to anyone who loves Mexican food and a Mexican culture-filled ambiance. When I arrived, there were already about eight people there, some of whom were talking politics. Of course we were given chips and queso by Christian, the waiter who also knows me by name now. As a half hour went by, about five to seven more Loras students showed up. It was exciting to see people who were as excited to watch the debate as myself.

Furthermore, local Dubuquers showed up. A wonderful grandmother sat next to me and gushed her love for Rand Paul. We got along very well in conversation, and she also gave me background information about the other candidates. Seeing this grandmother become giddy when Rand spoke while we shared chips and queso was adorable and enjoyable.

The only downside to this evening was that so many people came that it was hard to hear the TV. Christian allowed my friend and me to try and figure out how to put subtitles on the TV so that we could at least read what was going on.

Maybe Salsa’s was not the best idea for a place to watch a debate, but it was still awesome to see students interested in the debate and to meet people from Dubuque. I am confident in saying everyone looked like they were having a great night at Salsa’s.

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