Building your Loras personality

by Antonia Rupert

When here at Loras College, there are specific buildings and places that we spend more time at versus others. And understanding more about the building, may help you understand yourself a bit more.

          Keane Hall- You have a logical head on your shoulders and like it when things fall neatly into place with little to no hassle. You probably are a fan of tradition and upholding family values. While you are still a modern and social person, you probably have a great appreciation for Classic things like; family time, great American sports, holiday gatherings, or bonfires. Overall you are a well-balanced and intelligent person who likes to let loose and have a fun time around people you trust. You know how to make a casual get together a vibrant and vivacious time.

           Wahlert- The decision to be caring and compassionate isn’t even something you second guess. You love to give of yourself. You want to help others achieve their goals, constantly trying to do what it best for them. You probably have a very dynamic personality, and you like to talk, sometimes a little too much. But no matter what your friends know you will drop anything to help them. You are the kind of person that brings a party to to the room with your brilliant personality.

          ACC- YOU ARE SOCIAL. You like to see people you know, and that’s probably everyone on campus. Whether it is just giving a little wave or catching up with their day, you like to spend time with people. You probably exude energy and positivity. You are someone who is a natural leader, even if you don’t recognize it in yourself, because people are naturally drawn to you. People always leave feeling better and with a smile on their face after having spent time with you.

          Science Hall- You are someone who may initially seem to others as simply down to earth and serious, and while you have moments like this, you are also ready to let loose and have a good time! You are the kind of person who constantly is making your friends laugh with your antics and humor. Overall just a delightful person. You also have a very good understanding of balance. You know the appropriate moments for being focused and others for bringing the party.

          Hoffman Hall- You have always been known among your friends for having slightly quirky taste, but they have come to know and enjoy this about you. You are often at the heart of your friend group bringing joy and also witty, dry, and sarcastic humor. You have an appreciation of the arts in many forms. In fact, you are the kind of person who others have always deemed a little mysterious, but that is why they want to get to know you. You have learned to express yourself to the people around you through the things you love. While you may not always enjoy the big picture, little details have always intrigued and fascinated you, which is why you do what you do.

          The Library- You have always been known for your dedication, to not just one thing, but all things in your life. Whether it is to things like family and friends, or your hobbies and sports, or to your studies, when you commit to something, you commit your whole self to it. This is why people always look to you for guidance and wish to spend time with you. You enjoy life, but always being aware of the fact that you have other things which you need to be responsible for and aware of. In matters of Love, people always know they can trust you.

          Graber- You have always known to be supportive. People can count on you to be there when they are having a bad day, drama, or just because they need someone. But you are also very self-motivated. You want to get things done not only on time, but in a way that is the absolute best result as well. Perfection is something that you work towards, but you are still humble and know how to accept some limitations. People know that you give your entire self to something, you are never just half-hearted in your approach.

         The Vis- Oh goodness. You. You are something else. If someone was looking to find a definition of the word “CREATIVE” they would have to look no further. You are dedicated, conditionally. Fun-loving, usually. But most of all, you are a professional procrastinator. All your friends know care for them. They don’t set high expectations for the day to day things. Chances are you’re 10 minutes late to every event, you probably forgot to eat, and that you had homework, or even class. But when it comes down to it, when the big things come up, you’re there.

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Antonia is a copy editor and writer for The Lorian.

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