Bobby Kennedy for President

In the past few weeks, mainly this month, I began to watch a Netflix series called, “Bobby Kennedy for President”. I’m now on episode three and each episode is over an hour long. I would recommend this series to people who enjoy history and politics, especially political history. The first episode was mainly about his role in his brother Jack’s presidency that lasted from 1961-1963, until his assassination. But, before we get into his early career, we must talk about the Kennedy family as a whole.

Robert Kennedy was born into a Boston Irish family. His father Joseph Kennedy, also known as Joe, was a multi-millionaire banker and investor and his mother was Rose Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald actually came from a political family, and her father was the mayor of Boston and a congressman, John Francis Fitzgerald. The Kennedy family was also Roman Catholic. Robert Kennedy was the brother of eight other siblings, two notable being John F. Kennedy and Edward (Ted) Kennedy, a long time senator from Massachusetts.

Robert Kennedy, like most of his siblings and his father, attended Harvard University and later, the University of Virginia law school. He became a member of the United States Senate Committee on interviewing organized crime members, like members of the Mafia. He also helped his brother get elected to the United States Senate from Massachusetts in 1953. Following his brother’s election win, Kennedy also worked during the McCarthy hearings and the United States Department of Justice. He would soon help his brother win the 1960 presidential election campaign. Allowing, John F. Kennedy to become the only Roman Catholic president to be elected.

Kennedy was appointed to the position to Attorney General of the United States, but not without controversy. He never practiced law and only served as a counsel to the government. Despite this, his appointment was a success. Kennedy aided the civil rights movement, helped with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Alliance for Progress. He was a key asset in the Kennedy administration. He aided his brother Jack on a lot of different issues, but wasn’t totally involved in everything. I will continue to report on this series over time, but Robert Kennedy at this point was an incumbent in the Kennedy administration.

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