Big shake-up after S. Carolina’s primary

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the South Carolina primary took place for the Republicans. This is another important step in the time leading up to Super Tuesday and the National Convention. While speculation was running rampant over whether anyone would drop out following the results, most political experts felt that all of the remaining candidates would hold out as long as possible. This was not the result.

Following his long enduring and often rocky campaign, Jeb Bush suspended his campaign after a disappointing finish in the South Carolina primary. When he first announced that he would be running for president, he was originally slated as the person to beat for the nomination due to his standing as the son and brother of two former presidents. His campaign did not go as easily as speculated because of a long list of seventeen candidates to fight off and strong opposition to him as a “dynasty” candidate.

He faced ongoing criticism from the others in the party, in particular Donald Trump. Trump is known for targeting the other candidates, but Bush was one of his most attacked. In one of his most recent attacks, he made the claim that George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks and didn’t do his job to keep us safe. While this claim has little basis, attaching Jeb and George seemed to have an ill effect on the campaign. However, Jeb Bush was not the last finisher in South Carolina; those two spots went to Kasich and Carson, both of whom have vowed to stay in the race until they no longer can.

Trump won the primary, Rubio came in second, and Cruz finished a close third. Rubio’s second place finish helped to shake the idea that he had lost his momentum following his fifth place finish in New Hampshire. Rubio and Cruz were virtually tied for most of the evening, but Rubio managed to pull in slightly more of the votes to capture the second place spot. Time will tell who will finally win the nomination, and many experts believe that it could come down to a very heated Convention before it is decided who the Republican nominee will ultimately be.

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