Be More. Be Aware.

With the absence of our fearless leader, and the man who started it all, Breaking The Silence is starting a brand new year with new staff, new logos and new events. Alumni Benjamin Minnis ‘15 started Breaking The Silence a mere three years ago, and it has taken off since.

Breaking The Silence is a student organization that works toward raising awareness for mental health issues, and through awareness, especially focuses on breaking down the stigmas around mental illness.

While the main focus is on awareness and the individuals mental illness directly affects, this organization also provides a safe place for friends and families of individuals affected by mental illness to share their stories and learn and practice new coping methods.

As the only returning member of the E-Board, Ellen Horst (’17) is taking over as president of the organization.

“This year, we are working on rebranding the organization to make it more concrete in it’s mission and goals. We are excited for all the possibilities open to us through this fresh start, and I am grateful for all the groundwork Ben had completed for us,” said Horst.

The organization rolled out their new theme for the year, “Be More. Be Aware.” at Campus Fest this Monday along with a new photo campaign. The campaign was similar to the past few years, but with the new theme, “Be More. Be Aware.” The theme and logos are just the beginning of Breaking The Silence’s efforts to grow as an organization on campus.

Breaking the Silence Events Director Kara Zwanziger ‘18 said about the new branding, “We are very excited to see how far we can grow this year, and the new branding should help us make a name for ourselves on campus and be more easily identifiable as an organization.”

Anyone who is interested in joining the growing organization is welcome to attend the first meeting of the year, on September 23 from 7-8 p.m. in the  Mary Alexis Room. This meeting will be the beginning of planning new events for the year, and all ideas are welcome.

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