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Why does The Lorian now publish on Wednesday? When will the paper be distributed?

Lorian Executive Editor Ashley Pudil answers questions from the Loras community for all things Loras-related. 

You may have heard the news. The Lorian, for the first time in over 20 years, is publishing on a new day of the week. Papers will now be distributed on Wednesday around
5 p.m.

It’s a valid question: why publish on Wednesday, after publishing on Thursday for so long? Why fix something that doesn’t appear to be broken? Plain and simple, this change benefits everyone who reads the paper.

Our original schedule for publishing had us sending the paper to press on Tuesday night, and receiving the paper on Thursday at noon. That leaves all of Wednesday’s stories to be published the following week. With a Wednesday delivery, our publishing is tighter and more consistent. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve written an article about our basketball team playing a game on Wednesday night, and our Thursday paper does not have the score from that game. In those cases, our stories will be fresh off the press, so to speak.

Along with that, a mid-week paper just fits. By the time Thursday rolls around, students are usually in the home stretch for the week. Minds are focused on weekend plans: spending time with friends, going home to visit family, traveling to a close city for the weekend, or simply enjoying a night out in Dubuque. Newspapers that are distributed on Thursday afternoons come right in the middle of that mindset, right as students are running home since the weekend is only one day away. Also, some professors don’t teach on Fridays, and might miss our issue if it is distributed too late, thus receiving the news on Monday when another paper is already in the process of being put together. Grabbing a paper after class on Wednesday or on the way home from dinner in the Cafe gives you an extra day to read our news, and a newspaper that’s more relevant in terms of news and your lifestyle. I mean, what’s better than going home after a long day of class, sitting down on your comfortable futon or couch, grabbing a snack and reading The Lorian at the end of the day? It doesn’t get better than that.

Even though we’re publishing and distributing a day earlier, our editing schedule still stays the same. So, by all means, if you have a story idea or a suggestion you want us to consider, send us an email or drop a suggestion in our suggestion box outside our office in Hoffmann Hall.

Until next time, make sure to pick up our papers a day earlier than usual and read our articles on ISSUU and MyDuhawk. They’ll all be updated as our printed copies are being distributed.

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Ashley Pudil is the Executive Editor for The Lorian.

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