Advice for Fellow Students

It’s getting to that point in the semester where college no longer feels like sleepaway camp, classes start getting hard, the honeymoon phase of roommates begins to dwindle and homesickness settles in.  It may seem like all of this is happening at once, but the best remedy for the fall flop is to take the semester one day at a time.

For that, the best advice I can give you is get…or stay, organized.  Make a schedule.  Now might be a good time to pull out those syllabi you received on the first day of classes and make a calendar of assignments and exams from now until the end of the semester.  It’s always less stressful when you’re prepared.

You might also want to schedule in some time to catch up with family or friends from home.  It may feel like the world is going on without you, but your world is going on too!  Even still, it is never a bad idea to catch up with a high school friend, a sibling and most importantly, give your parents a call. These people have been a huge part of your life up until now, there’s no reason to totally avoid them.  Instead, try to find a good time when you’re both free and be intentional about continuing to develop those relationships.  It would be awful to get all the way to Thanksgiving break and not even know your best friend got a haircut, has a boyfriend, joined a sorority and is now going by Mary instead of Mary Elizabeth.

Invest in those relationships, but at the same time, don’t let them hold you back from present relationships.  Get to know your roommate, get to know your neighbors, get to know your RAs, get to know your professors and most importantly get to know that girl who looks super cool sitting in the back row of your intro course.  They may be cooler than you think…and worst case scenario, you get to know them and don’t really click but now have one more person you could potentially sit with if you can’t find your friends in the cafe.  This might also help with the roommate thing so you aren’t spending 24/7 with her/him, no matter how great she/he is.  You need to meet other people too!

If you’re still feeling homesick, overwhelmed, nervous or just need to chat – we have many services on campus including the Campus Ministry department, or the Counselors  in the Health Center who are able and meet with you as well!

Lastly, don’t fret – fall free days will be here before you know it, and you will have a much deserved break. Until then, just breathe.

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