Abortion and Racism

By Darby Callahan (TheLorian)

Abortion has been a critical issue in almost all elections even before the Roe vs. Wade decision in January, 1973. Racism is another issue that has taken precedent in recent elections, especially in 2020. Despite what some may say, racism has deep ties to one of the biggest abortion providers in the United States: Planned Parenthood. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margarette Sanger was a well-known racist who wanted to make sure African-American babies were aborted. This stems from her support of the white supremist eugenics movement who thought they could “exterminate” the African-American race. This is extremely unethical and inhumane. No human being, African-American nor Caucasian, should be treated as less than human, but that is exactly what the eugenics movement was meant to do.

A little history about the eugenics movement in the United States includes the mass sterilizations of African American women without their consent. The United States government had a Eugenics Record Office (ERO) that was founded in response to U.S. leaders, private citizens, and corporations funding research to begin efforts to stop “the transmission of negative or ‘undesirable’ traits from generation to generation,” according to knowgenetics.org. Then, the plan to sterilizing “unfit” individuals from having children that had “negative traits.” The first efforts to sterilize people in the United States was mentally ill people exclusively, then came the movement to sterilize those with alcoholism, criminality chronic poverty, blindness, and deafness according to knowgenetics.org. Some people like Sanger believed that African-American had a “negative trait.” Not only is this unethical and morally wrong, this type mindset puts us where we are today. Racism must end, and we must bring to light all the prejudices that have occurred to people of color. It’s people like Sanger who keep African Americans from living a life free from racism and prejudice. My heart goes out to the roughly 65,000 Americans who were forcefully sterilized under the rule of the United States government.

According to Black Preborn Lives Matter, “Abortion has always disproportionately affected the Black community. Almost 80% of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. The abortion rate for Black women is almost 5X that for white women.” This just goes to show that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization who has a major part in ending the lives of Africans-Americans each year. There were even over three hundred current and former Planned Parenthood employees who have urged Planned Parenthood to speak out against their founder, but they have understated the truth about Sanger, claiming that she has done great work and should be seen as heroic, according to The Daily Citizen.

Racism is a big part in today’s political climate, and together the American people can unite to end racism. I believe that all racism will end in the United States, but before that will happen, Planned Parenthood needs to be shut down and federal funding needs to be given to federally qualified health centers (FQHC) which do the same thing as Planned Parenthood except FQHCs do not provide abortions. According to Black Preborn Lives Matter, in some cities such as New York City, abortion is eliminating the African American population to a point where African Americans are being aborted at a higher rate than being born. The racism is so present in America, and Planned Parenthood is taking advantage of the most vulnerable population in fact, African Americans are three times more likely to be aborted than Caucasian children are. Statically, since 1973, the African American population has been reduced by twenty-five percent due to abortion. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the Black population by over 25%.* (This statistic was arrived at by multiplying an estimated population total of 325,719,178 by 13.4%:U.S. Census Bureau.) According to The Daily Citizen, it is not just African Americans that are being targeted by Planned Parenthood, but it is also all minorities. When you look at where a majority of the Planned Parenthoods are located, you will see the truth that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization that is set to keep the minorities oppressed and keep systemic racism alive in American culture. We must rise against this and join the movement to end racism in all forms. Together we can stand against hate and say, “Black Preborn Lives Matter.”

NOTE: Darby Callahan is open to discussion about this topic. Please email him at darby.callahan@loras.edu. He is the current communications director for Duhawks for Life.

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