A return to the best form

In early 1989, the Rolling Stones headed to Montserrat in the Caribbean to make their 21st studio album, “Steel Wheels”. The Rolling Stones had faced a lot of trouble in the 1980’s, not legally or economically, but socially. Lead singer Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were at war through the mid-1980’s and had a cold war with each other from about 1983-1987, both during this period released solo records. It was also a period where their popularity had again faded. After “Some Girls” came out in 1978, the Rolling Stones  were one of the most popular bands in the world going into the 1980’s. Eventually in 1980, they released “Emotional Rescue” and in 1981, “Tattoo You”, both were successful. But, when in 1983, “Undercover” came out, the new, new wave and dance sounds of the Rolling Stones kicked fans away. Also, their 1986 album “Dirty Work”, was a failure because the band was feuding and there was very little promotion. So, when in 1989, “Steel Wheels” came out, it brought the band back into the spotlight again.

With “Mixed Emotions” hitting the top five on the Billboard Hot 200 and “Almost Hear You Sigh” being nominated for a Grammy Award, the Rolling Stones re-established themselves as the best band in rock music. They performed in one of the best selling tours on the 1980’s, “Steels Wheels Tour” and traveled the world. The album was marked with a return of the new, modern version of their old self as a band. The song “Rock and A Hard Place” a pop rock song along with “Terrifying” and “Sad Sad Sad”, the band infused pop and rock together and it was a major success. “Steel Wheels”, “Tattoo You”, “Emotional Rescue” and “Some Girls” are my favorite Rolling Stones albums. It’s fantastic and I get great joy listening and playing along to all the songs.

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