A Modern Led Zeppelin?

Greta Van Fleet is an American hard rock band that formed in Michigan in 2012. They recently released their first LP called, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”, in October of this year. It didn’t meet good reviews, but several songs off of their first two EP’s, one being “Highway Tune”, showed reminisce of Led Zeppelin. Josh Kiszka is the vocalist of Greta Van Fleet and has often been compared to former Led Zeppelin vocalist, Robert Plant. Both of them have a wide and extensive vocal range that is quite comparative. Plant has commented on Kizka’s voice by saying, “He stole it from someone”, in a joking way.

Led Zeppelin this year is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and has released a full length biography, around the same time Greta Van Fleet’s debut LP was released. Interestingly enough, if you’ve studied both of these groups enough, both have had similar encounters with the press. When Led Zeppelin first released their debut album in 1969, “Led Zeppelin I”, the critics hated it. Rolling Stone magazine called it, “self indulgent” and former Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page “A writer of weak unimaginative songs”. Critics have already panned Greta Van Fleet’s debut album for reviving the past and bringing back old forms of rock and roll, but in a modern, more creative way then previously.

That being said, when I first listened to “Highway Tune”, by Greta Van Fleet, the vocals took me off my feet. The guitar section almost had an ACDC feel to it, but the chorus is more like a Led Zeppelin chorus. After all of the publicity, they have professed themselves as a modern hard rock band looking not to revive the past, but to revive rock and roll again.

Today much of the radio airwaves are dominated by drum machines, EDM loops, and simple cheap pop tunes. You never hear any modern rock stations anymore, it’s all dominated by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and other pop artists. There is no Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, Muse, Artic Monkeys, and other bands like that.

Greta Van Fleet can be compared to a modern form of Led Zeppelin, but I think at this point you can call them one of the hardest-hitting rock bands since the beginning of the century. They aren’t Led Zeppelin, yet, but their influences and their musical upbringing is driven by ’60s and ’70s hard rock and the blues. They are still young and have a long ways to go until they can set their place in the history books, but since their debut, they have gone out with fire and awe.

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