A human’s best friend – A Boxer

A Boxer is a dog that descended originally from the mastiff German Bullenbeisser, which was used by hunters and sportsman to seize fierce game like bear, wild boar, and sometimes big cats. The German Bullenbeisser is now extinct but when it was bread with the English Bulldog, the Boxer was officially created. The Boxer has a very distinct scull and they are known as part of the Brachycephalic dog family. The Boxer has a short mouth and a big underbite, which helped it when it was hunting, holding it’s prey till it’s hunter came. They have short muzzles that can present some problems, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside. Boxers are among the highest-rated dogs for cancer and need to be in moderate climates. Plus, if you don’t clean out their wrinkles, it could lead to a severe infection.

Boxers come in three different colors: fawn, brindle, and white. A lot of people think that white Boxers are albino Boxers, but that’s not totally true. Some white Boxers are prone to being deaf and sensitive to heat. Also, a lot of people think that white Boxers just come from white Boxers, and that’s not always true either. However, Boxers are prone to overheating on hot summer days and they need a lot of water to keep their body sufficient. Boxers also have a lot of energy and need to be trained for agility, obedience, and you have to play with them because they like action.

When I was younger, my grandpa had a Boxer that was of brindle color. Her name was Frenchie and was originally a show dog. She had a lot of energy, and I remember letting her outside and she would run around the yard in huge circles three or four times. She was eventually put down after my grandpa died because she had a lot of hip problems and would always slide around on my grandpa’s hardwood floors. She had a good life as many Boxers probably do, and I really miss her a lot.

Overall, Boxers do make great friends. They are also really funny and enjoy being treated to dog treats and human food. I remember taking Frenchie for walks around our neighborhood and I remember she was great with walking. This was probably because she was a show dog and she knew how to walk properly. She would never pull and would walk side-by-side with me. I would recommend a Boxer to anybody. They are great with children and great with families, even though they may accidentally knock over a baby while playing with someone.

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