A Family of Angels and Saints

So, Saints are really, super awesome! I personally love the saints. We as Catholics are incredibly blessed with an entire kingdom of saints that work for us according to God’s will. The angels and saints are an army of God whose purpose is to help and protect us. Knowing that we have so many souls on our side is insanely comforting and exciting.

Angels are both our guardians and our servants. They guard us and guide us, but God has also put them at our service. Every single person who has lived, is living, and will live has a guardian angel that is all theirs. We are protected 24/7 by God’s greatest warriors. It is easy to imagine angels – especially cherubim – as being little, sweet, baby-faced creatures that fly around doing things like shooting arrows at people’s butts to make them fall in love. Angels are so much cooler than that. They are warriors and soldiers created to help and protect us as weak, flawed, wretched humans. The idea that we have such powerful, wonderful creatures falling prostrate to us is beautiful, poetic, and encouraging. The angels, in particular those who are assigned specifically to protect us, are wonderful souls who we should try to get to know. We should both ask for help and thank them for all the help they give us.

Saints are also amazing. We as Catholics, do not worship saints. We merely ask for their intercession. Praying to the saints is comparable to asking a close friend or relative to pray for us. Saints are those who have died and gone to heaven. Saints (with a capital “S”) are souls who the Church officially recognizes as being in Heaven, and saints (with a lowercase “s”) are any souls who are in Heaven whether or not they are officially recognized by the Church. Saints are also souls who can aid and serve us, and some people even have devotions to particular Saints, comparable to having a close friend.

I personally have several devotions – Michael the Archangel, Maria Faustina, Thérèse of Lisieux, Pope John Paul II, to list a few. This week your challenge is twofold. First, every day this week, pray a little prayer to your guardian angel asking for their help, and thanking them as well. Second, find a Saint who appeals to you, and ask them for their intercession in something you are struggling with or praying for. That’s two dares, Duhawks. Two double-dog-dares.

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