Community member calls for change in Lorian leadership

Editor’s note: On Feb. 26, 2015, the Lorian ran an editorial titled “8 things I learned as a sportswriter.” The following is a response to that editorial. To read the Feb. 26 issue and many others, visit

Someone needs to say something. I guess that someone is me.

While I’ve never written for the paper myself, I’ve always been a loyal reader of the Lorian. Colin and Mary have done an outstanding job over the past three years, as did Nick Joos and others before them. That being said, there’s been a cancer growing over the past two years — a cancer whose self-entitled narcissism has been ruining this paper. I’m talking, of course, about your so-called “sports editor.”

Last week, he wrote an editorial titled “8 things I learned as a sportswriter.”
Jesus Christ … where do I start?

How about the hypocrisy? This comes from the guy who’s constantly bitching about the laziness of Buzzfeed “listicles,” but what, it’s OK when HE’S the one writing them? The only difference between this guy and a Buzzfeed contributor is his superiority complex. He’s as lazy and incompetent as everyone else on that site. He’s just too delusional to realize it.

Secondly, who the hell does he think he is? John Clayton!? He’s been a sportswriter for all of five minutes and suddenly he’s handing down life lessons like some mountain-dwelling yogi? The arrogance of this guy!

I swear — arrogance oughta be his middle name. I bet he thinks he’s SOOO interesting. Oh, you have a blog, do you? You write for a big fancy newspaper?? Oooh, look at me, I have a part-time job!

Get over yourself.

Typical writer, am I right? Completely obsessed with perpetuating his own self-importance. What kind of person has a blog, anyway?  Think of the narcissism behind that decision — to just start posting things online, assuming people will read them. I bet he just sits there, staring at the screen, letting each new page view feed his already over-blown ego. It’s sad how he defines his self-worth through the approval of others. What a loser.

And has he written anything insightful lately? Not even close! His recent articles essentially amount to insane, profanity-laced diatribes about nothing. All he does is hate on things. What’s that?

The majority of people like something? Well we can’t have that! Let me spend the next 750 words making abortion jokes and swearing in ALL CAPS!

The fact of the matter is — this guy needs to go. He’s been given too much freedom. He’s been given too much influence. He was probably hugged too much as a child. Are we really going to let the guy who walks around wearing polo’s in a shallow attempt to distract women from his lack of personality write for our paper!? This is our college. It’s time to make a stand. The people have spoken.

~ Ryan Graham
community member

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