Darby Defends his Comments

I wanted to defend my statements in Xavier’s article last week. I did say that I didn’t believe Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh, and that there was not enough evidence. FBI did do an investigation in the allegations which lasted a week. Maybe a longer investigation could have been done, but the same results would have been shown so tax dollars would have been used for nothing. Kavanaugh has been through a lot, and it disgusts me that there are already calls for impeachment. If she was sexually assaulted, it wasn’t done by Kavanaugh and witnesses back that up. Friends of Kavanaugh and friends of Dr. Ford both say that Brett Kavanaugh was a great guy growing up. I’m not saying great guys do not become rapists or commit sexual assaults, all I’m saying is that I don’t believe Brett Kavanaugh committed that crime. I also never said she was paid to say that. I care about women and treat them with the upmost respect, and I was heart broken when I heard my statements caused controversy. Also it is very possible that Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted that night, very possible, but the evidence shows it was not Brett Kavanaugh. If you want to discuss this with me so that I can understand your side, please stop me and ask me. I am a devoted Catholic, and I care about women. I do not want this issue to effect my friendships. I am sorry that my short statement caused great controversy.

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