Do we Really Care About Sexual Assault Survivors?

From the continual flood of news from the hearing for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh to rape allegations against Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, and the hundreds of men that have been brought down by sexual misconduct accusations in the past year.

Around this time a year ago, the first accusations against Harvey Weinstein started to surface, and from there, the #Metoo movement was formed. It became an avalanche effect, and powerful men across all industries were beginning to lose their jobs. Some people believe that such negative consequences were too much for mere accusations. Even if they were true and it happened so long ago, the amount of punishment doesn’t fit the crime anymore. Why ruin another person’s life in all of this?

Men, for a very long time, were able to commit horrible acts against women with impunity. Many never faced the consequences of the crimes they committed. Today, for the first time, people are believing women and getting some sort of justice from their trauma. Yet, when another accusation surfaces against someone, people are quick to call foul. Blame is immediately shifted to women, and men are then portrayed as the real victims. The excuses that we make to protect men from facing consequences is astounding. “They were just being boys,” “it was so long ago,” meanwhile we tell women it was their fault, to change the way they live to not get sexually assaulted next time. Women are called liars, fakers, and get threatened. Men get protected. We like to think women are making it all up to get something out of the man, we like to make an excuse to uphold this perfect image of man. They can do no wrong, they could have never done this. We, men, look like upstanding citizens capable of doing no harm. Meanwhile, women are brought the ringer with their trauma brought to the forefront, and made a public spectacle over, all to protect men from consequences.

Take a look at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Brett Kavanaugh. Think about the way she was treated, everything she had to endure by reopening her trauma, very publicly might I add. It’s just as important to note that this was not a criminal trial, this was a job interview. There is nothing special about Kavanaugh, multiple other people would be able to his job in the same capacity that he can. Someone accused by two people of sexual misconduct was given a job on the highest court of the land. What are we showing women with this appointment? We don’t care what happened to you, men on top play different rules. We are showing women to shut up and know their place.

Our society only cares about women in limited aspects. We like to act like women have a voice in our society, but they don’t. Not when that voice is used to hinder a man’s life. Not when that voice is used for equality.

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Dalton is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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