Media Bias Series

To continue my media bias series, I will be discussing how CNN and Fox report on immigration policies and why we still do not have a plan set in place, especially now that we have Justice Kavanaugh being able to weigh in on Supreme Court cases.

On Mar. 23, 2018 CNN reports that congress did not have an immigration plan that would give people who have entered to the United States illegally as children a chance to live, work, and be educated without fear of being deported. I think would it have been in the best interest of this country if the two parties worked together and got a plan passed and sent to the president before they took Easter break. Too many times since then, congress takes their breaks without getting important bills passed, and it is time that something is done about that. CNN also reports that Democrats tried to pass a bill that work protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA because President Trump tried to end the program before it was stall in the judicial system where it remains as of March, but of course, Republicans would not vote for it. According to Fox on the other hand, two days ago, an article regarding Texas and border security say they are seeing a 50 percent increase in illegal immigration this year, especially now since President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy has ended. President Donald Trump has been president for 21 months, and we still do not have an answer to immigration. I know that Democrats want immigration rights for people in different countries, and Republicans want to limit immigration into this country. One reason, I believe congress cannot get anything done is because we have a minority leader who believes and I quote “working with Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O.” If we have a Democratic party leader who believes that there is no way to negotiating with President Trump, how is anything going to get passed. We need congress to be bi-partisan. Even Judge Kavanaugh confirmation vote was bi-partisan when he was confirmed last Saturday on a 50-48-1 vote with one present Republican abstaining from the vote, another Republican was absent from the vote, one Democrat voted in favor of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and one Republican voted against the confirmation. Other than those few notes concerning the confirmation vote, the vote was along party lines for the most part, but it was still bi-partisan support. Why does this have anything to do with media bias and immigration? The now Justice Kavanaugh will make the ninth justice on the current supreme court, and he can now begin hearing and ruling on cases brought to the Supreme Court, some which will contain immigration laws. CNN will not talk about the good side of Justice Kavanaugh because they will side with the left. They will say that Kavanaugh is a criminal because Dr. Ford came forward with allegations of sexual assault 36 years ago while in high school at a party, but Fox News, who I personally believe is more truthful, says what the facts show. The facts show that Dr. Ford does not have evidence of Brett Kavanaugh ever being at a party with her, and the witnesses she names have no recollection of being at a party with Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago. I know I was talking about immigration, and now I am talking about Kavanaugh. The reason these two are connected is because immigration and Justice Kavanaugh’s opinion may or may not cross paths someday. Kavanaugh could have been denied to the Supreme Court of the United States if the Senate voted against him, but since the evidence shows that he did not commit the acts of violence that Dr. Ford alleged, they felt he was a good pick for the Supreme Court, which means he can now hear and rule on cases including immigration laws and policies. For example, when Kavanaugh was a judge on the D.C. Circuit, he dissented and opposed giving two Brazilian workers special visas when two American workers applied for and could do the same job. This goes along with Trump’s agenda with bringing jobs back to American citizens which I will get into more in depth in another article. To conclude, CNN and Fox News will talk about Trump’s immigration policies differently. CNN will say how bad it is, and Fox will praise it. I do feel that congress could have come together before this year’s Easter break and passed a bi-partisan bill that would work for both sides, but they failed as mentioned both news sources. One thing they could have put in a bill, which I think Trump would have signed into law, is if undocumented immigrants living in this country were brought here as children, work here, pay taxes here, enlist in the United States military, or get educated here, they can receive a path to citizenship. I think that is a fair bi-partisan plan of action, but I do realize that it would be highly debated in both chambers of congress, possibly contested in the Supreme Court, and CNN and Fox News channels would both weigh in on the bill. Also to conclude, I will be curious to how Justice Kavanaugh rules on certain cases that he hears in the Supreme Court, especially immigration rulings.

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