The Illuminating Sense of Art

Art opens our eyes to further creations of ideas, inventions, theories, stories and sanity. As humans we need art and creative minds to build a curiousness for the intricate beauty the world has to offer.

Art helps us communicate our ideas into something that the English language cannot do. Having art on a transcript can benefit anyone who is looking towards a future in the communications field or any field. The number one quality employers are looking for nowadays is good communication skills. According to Pew Researchers, there is more than a 15% increase for social and analytical skills now than there was in the 1980s. Viewing what the Pew Researchers have to say about the job market says that today, employers look for people who can effectively communicate their creative plans and ideas verbally and “non verbally”. As this world becomes more digital and less engaged, having skills in art should be a must. Art applies to the aspiring biologists, chemists, and engineers as well. Rather than showing their findings or experiments through spreadsheets and slideshows, incorporating art to their findings makes their ideas more prominent. Organizing and manipulating their findings in an artistic way will help them effectively communicate their solutions to benefit society’s way of being. “Giving people access to data makes society feel overwhelmed and not empowered.” (Eliasson 2016). Viewing data, spreadsheets and graphs leaves a big disconnection to get up and do something about the data presented. However, art can make a difference in all of this by not showing what people to do but sparking the need to do something. Connecting with a good piece of art opens up our senses and feelings to a world that is undivided. Therefore, these feelings may spur into a chain of thinking, engagement and action.

It’s one thing to understand something with our minds, but we should understand this world through our hearts as well. The data presented to us today can have a numbing and soul-destroying effect. Everywhere I look I am confronted with statistics of poverty, smoking, mental illness, human trafficking, guns and drugs. Negative things that turns my thinking into “What is America coming to?!” We clearly have the facts and the data to show how drastic such problems are but do the facts give us the motivation to do something? When I say “to do something” I don’t mean to go out and find more negative insight to present but work towards solutions. Answers to these problems are nowhere near easy and may take a lot of time to figure out. Nevertheless, I believe that there are solutions if we start to turn our thinking into doing. This can be challenging with all the distraught information being thrown around but art can change this. Art can wipe away the numbing feeling the stresses of society have on us and motivate us into creating a change.

Furthermore, remember the illuminating sense art gives this world because I think it gives many solutions for many problems.

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I am a Sophomore from Dubuque, IA and I am currently majoring in Media Studies and Sociology at Loras College. I report for LCTV and my favorite song is "Don't Stop Believing" by: Journey.

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