YIK YAK: The Controversy Surrounding the App

Dubuque, IA-If you haven’t heard of the Yik Yak…it has made it way to Dubuque. The app, which is available or both Android and Iphone users is free. Launched in November 2013, the app is less than a year old and works sort of like a Twitter feed. However, its different from Twitter because there is no login or username required to sign in so every post you see within the app is anonymous.

The app is also geo-targeted. So if you are in the Dubuque area for instance you only see the Yaks within a 5 mile radius. In the last couple weeks, the app has become popular on Dubuque college campuses. We spoke to one student at Loras was attacked meaning her name was called out on the site. The app has a series of rules which everyone is supposed to follow the first two being you are not to bully other yakkers. This student tells LCTV she was called out with a derogatory comment and says that affects her image on this campus.

“We’re making fun of each other its cyberbullying anonymously so no one gets into trouble.” The app has also caught the attention of administrators and coaches across the country. Loras Defensive Backs Coach Michael Gainey even tweeted out a comment about the app saying, “Yik Yak is a depraved app that celebrates an individual’s cowardice to own up to one’s words. Gainey’s tweets were picked up by Fieldhouse Media, a social media firm for college athletics.

Many students LCTV talked to this week were frustrated with the comments that were being said about the app so LCTV did some investigating. If you see a Yak that is inappropriate there is something you can do. By down-voting one of the comments about two downvotes..that comment is removed from the app. However, if it does have upvotes you have to reach negative 2 for that comment to be deleted.

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