Working Women Breaking Barriers

Working Women Breaking Barriers

by NATALIE Droeske

The pressure to be perfect is something a lot of women face, not only in their daily life, but also in the workplace. This was the topic of last Wednesday’s event put on by the Loras College Women’s Leadership Alliance. It featured Meg Bucaro’s presentation, “Speak Up to Stand Out: How to Use Your Voice and Become Your Strongest Advocate.”

The 1998 graduate of Loras College is a strategic communication trainer and consultant, specializing in presentation preparation, body language, and law enforcement consulting. The Women’s Leadership Alliance welcomed her the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 12 to speak to a group of over 120 women and men from Loras and the greater Dubuque community.

In her engaging presentation she talked about how important it is to make a quality first impression, and to create good communication in the workplace. With a personal anecdote from her own career, she honed in on the importance of successful communication in any situation.

The event centered on the topic of communicating with confidence and maximizing personal voice. Bucaro spent the latter half of the evening imparting some expertise on the specific topic of building up female confidence. She stressed the importance of being “prepared, not perfect,” as women often feel pressured by standards of perfection. This discussion flowed into a lesson on the basics of body language.

The Women’s Leadership Alliance was founded in March of 2017, and continues working to grow its membership and coordinate events.

“The future is just continuing to make a difference and supporting students, that’s the main mission,” said Alliance Board Member Cayla Schneider. “We want to make sure that they’re engaging Loras community and alumni communities, to make sure they’re supporting the students and giving back.” The Alliance will host their next event in the spring.

“It’s about professional development and networking, so I just look for the network to grow,” said Schneider.

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Natalie Droeske is the Executive Sports Editor for The Lorian.

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