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Emma Hennessy (TheLorian)

Are you in need of some extra cash and work experience? Consider applying to work at the Loras Café. This is what sophomore student manager Maddy McCabe did in September of her first year at Loras. Starting as student worker, McCabe worked her way up to manager position.

“I really enjoy getting to know the adults that work at the cafeteria. It is nice to meet everyone who works behind the scenes. They do their best and I appreciate it, especially as a student manager.” McCabe describes her relationship with her coworkers saying, “it is fun because we sometimes get to goof around while getting our work done.”

McCabe describes this job as very flexible with scheduling. When you begin working, they give you a form to fill out regarding your available hours.

“It is also very easy to get more hours, especially if you are willing to train in the other locations. I am trained in the cafeteria and the Duhawk Market and I am going to get trained in the pub, too.”

Working at the cafeteria also comes with benefits of learning new skills.  Cafeteria workers learn about food preparation, cleaning, cash register skills, handling money and customer service. 

Please email Tonya Sippy at for any questions regarding working for Campus Dining.

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