Wishing for peace

Working for Justice

This week is Peace and Justice week at Loras. Students are encouraged to promote and talk about peace and justice and to ask questions like, “what is justice” and “when do you achieve peace in a conflict”? All of these questions could be answered this week with a series of events held on campus. This previous Saturday, the Hike to Help Refugees convened and marched from Loras as part of a fundraiser to help refugees and bring attention to the current refugee problems around the world. It was hosted by the United Nations association chapter in Dubuque, with political science professor David Cochran leading the event.

There are a series of events this week that will culminate what it means to achieve peace and justice. The first one was on Monday, Sept. 23, and was a Concert Against Non-Violence and a Side-Walk Chalk contest at 5 p.m. Also on Monday, the Peace and Justice House Social was 7 p.m. Then to rap up the week, the Climate Walk will be on Friday, Sept. 27, at 11:30 a.m. The Climate Walk is headed by the Loras Environmental Action Forum. We’ve seen around the world in the last few days millions of people marching, advocating and protesting for climate change action. From the United States to Europe, it’s spreading like wild fire. The Dubuque Climate Rally will be held at Washington Park. There will be a march from Keane Hall to Washington Park where local politicians and faith leaders will speak. At the end of the rally anybody is free to say anything in part of an open-mic night.

Like in previous years, Peace and Justice week allows Loras students to study past cases of injustice and prejudice and learn from the past so terrible atrocities are further prevented. Loras encourages students to come to these events and partake in them because we have a voice and we should use it to help and advocate for people and sitatutions that require action.

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