Winter Weather Predictions

DUBUQUE – Dubuque could be in for just as cold, or even colder of a winter than last year.

Meterologist Mark Schnackenberg says the the current sunshine and warm temperatures are a bit misleading this time of year, “This is not a typical November. It’s one of the warmest Novembers so far.”

With the Pacific Ocean waters showing some of the warmest temperatures in history, the 2015 El Nino seems to be changing weather patterns in the United States.

Despite the recent warm temperatures, it doesn’t rule out a cold winter with plenty of dangerous driving later.

Schnakenberg says, “Temperatures above normal expected and above normal precipitation which could mean that we may deal with more ice storms.  That is a possibility.”

The Farmer’s Almanac, however, predicts just as cold or harsher of a winter than last year. Looks like we will just have to wait and see!

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