WIC Reaction to Government Shutdown

Dubuque, IA-It’s the second week of the government shutdown and many local government organizations are feeling the pressure. One is WIC, or Women, Infant, and Children. The goal of WIC is to provide mothers with the education they need including nutrition and breast-feeding facts. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of the WIC program is the checks. WIC checks are used to help these mothers pay for the foods otherwise they could not afford.

Cindy Bartolotta is a local mother who uses these checks. She has a 5 year-old and recently had a baby. Each month, Cindy relies on assistance from WIC. So last week when the government shut down Bartolotta wondered if her checks were going to come. “I tried of differenty ways to save money to put towards formula that I would be needing.”

The WIC office says they were encouraged because they can now issue checks for the month of October as usual but Bartolotta says this is only October what about after that? “That’s good news for the month of October but I’m still kind of left hanging for November and December after that.”

Bartolotta says these checks are essential for her to feed her two girls. “It’s not let’s just get checks and get junk food..no its important stuff for the kids.

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