White supremacy stickers found in Dubuque

By Emma Hennessy (TheLorian)

On Nov. 9, Dubuque authorities discovered white supremacist stickers at the McAleece Sports Complex and on lamp posts at The Veterans Memorial Parking Plaza in Chaplain Schmitt Island. These stickers were immediately removed.

This act of vandalism was done by a group that has been labeled as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. According to city officials, they are refusing to publicly identify this white nationalist group in order to avoid giving them the media attention they are looking for. 

“There is no place in our society for white supremacists and I condemn this behavior on behalf of the City Council and our community. Furthermore, to attempt to promote such an un-American concept near a veterans memorial is an affront to our veterans and their sacrifices to protect our nation,” Mayor Roy D. Buol states.

“I disagree with the way the city is deciding to handle this situation, choosing not to publicly identify the group because they don’t want to give the white supremacist group the attention it seeks. It’s honestly the most disturbing way of handling this situation.” 

Junior Jailani Harris, President of the Loras Forward Thinking and an advocate for Black Lives Matter and Equality, gives her perspective: “the people of Dubuque who did not see the signs have no idea what the signs said or what group put them up. This is bad, we have no idea the kind of people we may be around…Proud Boys? The KKK? But I strongly believe that if the roles were switched, if a black man put up signs demonstrating hate toward white people, we’d be having a different conversation.” 

Harris goes on to say, “As a black woman studying here in Dubuque, I know that racism is everywhere. Day after day it gets closer to home. Honestly, I am just worried about my black and brown peers. I hope they stay strong during these hard times fighting against racism, a fight we won’t give up on.”

This crime is still being investigated and anyone with any information is asked to call (563) 589-4410 or anonymously provide information at www.cityofdubuque.org/police.

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