Where art thou, Shakespeare? In the library

photos by Juliana White

This year commemorates the 400th anniversary since the death of playwright William Shakespeare. Being the celebrity he is in all academic facilities, Loras has set up a tribute to him outside of the Special Collections Room of the library on the third floor, where rare books are carefully stored. Loras College has a large collection of Shakespeare’s works throughout the library and select pieces within the rare books section,.

ws4Loras has a third edition of one of the works of Shakespeare which is unusual, since most of his initial editions were burned during the fire of London. Therefore, the first four editions are highly prized by the entire world. Since Loras is fortunate enough to have one of the early copies, many other schools including University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin-Madison have reached out requesting to borrow the book for their displays. Wisconsin-Madison currently has Loras’ third edition to show a first, second, third and fourth edition together. The library was happy to rent it out to them for the time being, but Loras also wants to show that its collection of Shakespeare does not end there, which is why the current display is so exciting.ws2

Many schools collect books, but for a such a small liberal arts college, Loras has a pretty hefty amount of works from one very famous author. Students, faculty, staff and visitors alike should make sure to check it out when walking by the ARC, as it is not limited to English majors or Shakespeare fans. The display will be up until the end of this year, so make time to see it. Not every college has books that have been around for hundreds of years by such a renowned author. Take this chance and enjoy a little piece of history. For more information on the Special Collections room, talk to any of the Loras librarians.ws3

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