What in the world?

What in the world? A brief summary of world events

-Jan 6 Committee

In response to the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack, a select committee was formed in Congress to investigate. The committee was formed on Jul. 1, 2021. On Nov. 9, the committee issued ten more subpoenas. A Congressional subpoena is an order to produce records or testimonies in front of Congress (or a select committee). Failure to comply with the subpoena can result in civil or criminal penalties. Leader of the Select Committee, Bennie Thompson (D-MO), said his panel “wants to learn every detail of what went on in the White House on Jan. 6 and in the days beforehand”.

The committee hopes to determine what led to the Jan. 6 incident and then to issue out proper delegation in regards to punishment. The committee is largely opposed by pro-Trump Republicans. It will be interesting to see how the committee deals with these new subpoenas after Steve Bannon refused to appear in front of Congress.


-U.S. Build Back Better Bill/Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Update

Congress passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill on Nov. 5, 2021, giving the Biden Administration a huge win. After months of debate and negotiation, a $1.2 trillion package was sent to President Biden’s desk that will deliver $550 billion in new federal investments towards American infrastructure. The original bill, unveiled in March, was $2.25 trillion and was largely opposed by both sides due to its high cost. Many Democrats claim this bill will inevitably ‘pay for itself’. However, the Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, says the bill will add $256 billion to the deficit over the next ten years.

With the passing of the infrastructure bill, many Democrats now look towards their next task: the social spending bill. The social spending bill, also known as the Build Back Better bill, is a $1.75 trillion bill that invests in social safety net and climate policy. This bill is strongly opposed by Republicans and loosely supported by Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he wants to pass this bill by Thanksgiving, but others think differently. Senators Manchin and Sinema have openly opposed this bill due to its cost and many Progressive Democrats have also displayed their opposition to this bill.

At this moment, Congress is in recess and the House will review the bill next week.

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