Video hasn’t killed KLCR

Sophomore Xavier Sanchez is hoping to make waves in his four years at Loras in a way that is different from most students: through airwaves on KLCR, Loras’ radio station.
Much like Loras’ other media associations on campus, KLCR is a student-run activity that shares news, sports and other bits of information with the Loras community and beyond. However, the station, on Hoffmann’s second floor, has been relatively inactive for the past couple of years until interest recently sparked in a small group of students.

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“I like to talk sports and listen to music,” Sanchez said, “so I thought it would be great to start it up again and get students interested and involved in the organization.”

Sanchez’s love for radio started as a love for talking sports and other news bits when he was younger. His uncle, who works for a radio station in Detroit, runs the Top 40 playlist every week. His uncle’s influences have caused his cousins to move from working in the radio industry in Chicago and Detroit to iHeartRadio, an Internet and Web-based radio platform.

“I got on my uncle’s show a few times and even talked to President Obama when he was running for president,” Sanchez said. “I got interested in it because I knew I could talk about a wide variety of topics, and this was a great medium to do it through.”

Sanchez’s older sibling attended Loras after participating in his uncle’s show. Through his sibling, Sanchez found out about KLCR. Once he arrived at Loras, he got in contact with Dr. Kohl to see how it could be started up again. But finding interest on campus was not the easiest thing to do, and it took some time and effort.

“At first, I just thought I could get some of my friends to help me out,” Sanchez admitted. “But since I’ve posted flyers and asked around, I’ve found about 10 to 20 people interested in being part of the radio station.”

Through the people interested in the radio station, Sanchez has ideas on what to include in the station’s programming. Possible shows include those discussing pop culture, sports, and other events going on in the world.

These shows will have at least half an hour to an hour run time. A few students are also interested in being DJs and having sets during the week and possibly on weekends. The audience base of KLCR is wide because it is not confined to Loras’ campus — the station will be online.

“With KLCR, you can listen to it everywhere,” Sanchez emphasized. “We’re on radios and we’re online, so it’s easy for everyone to be part of our listening audience regardless of whether or not you live in Dubuque or whether or not you’re a Loras student.”

KLCR’s first meeting will take place right before Fall Free Days, on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m. in Hoffmann 411. The meeting is open to any interested student. The first meeting’s agenda will include setting up time slots and having people sign up for radio shows and running playlists throughout the day.

Having a continuously running station can be difficult for college students with busy schedules, but Sanchez is hoping those who are interested will commit to helping the radio station have regular programming during the week. Aside from all the interest, Sanchez feels a sense of pride in working to bring KLCR back.

“It’s awesome to start an organization up again,” Sanchez said. “I can leave my mark on Loras in this way.”

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Ashley Pudil is the Executive Editor for The Lorian.

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