Utility Vehicles Going Green

This week, Dubuque Municipal Services revealed their new snow removal vehicle that runs completely on compressed natural gas.

Compressed natural gas is different from diesel or normal gasoline because it is the same gas that we use for cooking and heating our houses with.

Running city vehicles off of CNG leads to cleaner air, less truck repairs and a reduce in city wide taxes needed for truck maintenance. The City of Dubuque has one other vehicle that runs off of CNG; a pickup truck.

This pickup truck was the first of the CNG vehicles obtained by the city, and Dubuque hopes to continue adding more of these vehicles into the fleet.

Within the next few years, Dubuque Municipal Services hopes to obtain a filling station in their building. They currently fill the trucks up at a filling station on 16th Street in Dubuque.

While CNG is more expensive than the traditional diesel used in most utility trucks, investors are helping keep the costs manageable.

Black Hills Energy has made an investment in Dubuque’s continuing use of CNG and has helped to fund more vehicles and training programs for employs who will be working with these vehicles.

While the use of CNG is fairly new around the country, and particularly new to Dubuque, the Municipal Services Center hopes that in the near future an even more environmental friendly form of the gas will be put into use.

Renee Tyler, the Assistant Public Works Director stated, “One of our long range plans is to start using bio-CNG, which is generated from the landfill which would definitely be a win-win because we would not have to purchase CNG, we’d make our own and we’d then fill our vehicles with CNG that we made.”

To learn more about the efforts to implicate Compressed Natural Gas visit the Dubuque Municipal Center website at:http://www.cityofdubuque.org/231/Public-Works

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