Tri-staters Unite To Help a Community in Need


It’s easy to get a head start on your Spring cleaning when you have a good cause to donate to.
“I am starting to go through my house of more than fourty years and trying to find good homes for things that are still usable,” ¬†said Mary Jo Vrotsos, one of the many Dubuque residents who came out to Resources Unite with donations.

All of these goods went to helping the impoverished community of Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Josh Jasper, President and CEO of Resources Unite, told of the state of the community, “the coal mining jobs have up and disappeared and the community struggles specifically with substance abuse, and more specifically methamphetamine and there are no resources for these individuals to be able to get help so people are really struggling.”

The people living here can use nearly anything you can give.
“It’s really the basics, it’s everything that we take for granted: clothes, shoes, children’s items, household items, beds. It’s all our excess, but it’s their necessities. They have to depend on us to help them out,” said Jane Bechen, one of the creators and volunteers of the event.

All of the donations will be taken in by an organization called The Friendship Center, which sells items at a very discounted price through a retail store in order to distribute them, and the proceeds also go back into the community.
“The proceeds that are raised actually help pay the utitlity bills for people that might be getting their electricity turned off or their heat turned off,” said Jasper.

At the end of the day, people in Dubuque are happy to be giving back, even if it’s for a community miles away from our own.
When asked what she enjoys about volunteering Bechen said, “just to help other people and to get to use my talents in ways that I can change life just one tiny little bit.”


To see photos of the donations being delivered check out Resources Unite’s Facebook page:¬†
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