Tri-State Islamic Center finishing construction on first Dubuque mosque

DUBUQUE – The Tri-State Islamic Center will soon have a permanent home for worship. The group is building a mosque in Dubuque on Radford Court.

Tri-State Islamic Center President Dr. Rami Eltibi has been working to get the mosque built since he moved to Dubuque two years ago.

“We started our building the mosque in April and six months it’s almost done,” he said.

He says he’s excited to have a new, larger space to worship. The group is currently renting a space on Century Dr. Although it has served it’s purpose so far, the group is looking forward to having a permanent home.

For those who are not familiar with Islam, Dr. Eltibi explains the importance of the mosque and going there to pray.

“Its about group worship. Mainly coming to the mosque, you meet your brothers in Islam, you make sure they are doing fine, you greet them, we make the prayers together, you know,  so this is all [what] makes the unity between us stronger and this is very important,” he explained.

Dr. Eltibi stresses that the space will be for more than just worship. They anticipate to host Sunday school there, community events, and more.

The Muslim community in Dubuque is aware of the prejudice that often surrounds their religion. They are actively working to break these prejudice beliefs by being open to the public. They encourage anyone who has questions to visit their mosque.

Dr. John Eby has been working with the Muslim community, as well as people from many different religions, to create a group called Children of Abraham. This group encourages dialogue between people of different religions. He has visited the Tri-State Islamic Center’s current mosque many times, and encourages others to do the same when the new one is built.

He said, “Recognize that the sermon, that the messages are always radically different than what we hear on the news, in the media, about what…the messages of Islam are. It’s 180 degrees different from what Islam really is.”

The organization hopes that the mosque will be finished by the end of the month. Advisory Board member Meryem Ouahbi is optimistic for the future of their mosque.

“I see it as a bright color in the Dubuque fabric,” she said.

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