Traffic via Rockdale Road

DUBUQUE, IA- After the 52-61-151 construction project started just last month, the southbound lanes are now closed forcing drivers to find alternate routes. One of these is the area which has been named the emergency detour route along Rockdale Road where business owners are seeing heavy traffic through various parts of the day, even around 3:30pm,¬†when Table Mound Elementary lets out of school. Karen Ohnesorge, is the owner of Dubuque power equipment and says, “It really hasn’t been that bad.”

Also along the detour route is the Morroco restaurant. Tim Heiar is the general manager and admits the traffic can’t hurt. “Even if they don’t stop at least they know where we are at. ”

Heavy traffic is still expected along this route through much of the summer. The construction project is set to take 2 years for completion.




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