To Sled, or Not to Sled?

DUBUQUE -Dubuque landed in the national spotlight last month. The city council passed an ordinance banning sledding in all but two of Dubuque’s city parks. Since then, the council has added sledding back to nine other parks.

The council banned sledding in the first place because of all the injuries. For each hill you can sled at, there are signs posted with tips for safe sledding.

The city is not trying to ruin anyone’s fun, they just want to keep people safe.

Leisure Services Manager, Marie Ware, says “We want kids and families out enjoying the out of doors…but to put you in places that are safe for you to be able to do that activity.”

The ordinance is only for city-owned properties. It does not apply to private properties or any land owned by other government entities. If you are caught sledding in one of the banned parks, you will be faced with a $750 fine.


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