Theisen’s 6th annual Stuff the Truck

DUBUQUE – Many families will get the chance to have themselves a very Merry Christmas this year, thanks in part to Theisen’s annual Stuff the Truck event, benefiting a Marine Corps organization called Toys for Tots.

Toys for Tots aims at distributing new toys to underprivileged children across America. The organization run out of Dubuque serves 5,000 children in the tri-state area, which calls for between 20-25,000 toys.

This is Theisen’s 6th year of coordinating Toys for Tots, and unlike the events run around the nation, here in Dubuque the event is put on entirely by volunteers and local citizens, instead of by Marines.

Toys for Tots coordinator Bryce Parks says having actual service men at the event makes it more real for shoppers. “When they show up in uniform, it really reminds people when they’re shopping and they see the guys in the blues and they go, ‘Oh yes, don’t forget to get a toy on the way out.'”

This year, Stuff the Truck raised around $250,000 worth of toys, and $10,000 in donations.

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