The votes are in!

On Friday, April 15, a coalition of aspiring Loras leaders were elected to the Loras Student Union executive board. Emily Day was elected as the Student Body President, Michelle Kavanaugh as Vice President, Jonathan Lewis as Director of Finance and  Abigail Kirchner as the Director of Processes and Communication.

These four on the ticket, calling themselves the “Senior Citizens” because they are all soon to be seniors and good citizens of Loras, ran unopposed.

“A little over 100 people voted for the election. This was decent considering it was an uncontested election,” said President elect, Emily Day.

The campaign season in Loras Student Union elections are quite short. The group spent the week or so previous to the election canvassing, promoting themselves on campus, as well as on social media.

Michelle Kavanaugh and Emily Day are both political veterans at Loras, both having served previously on the executive board.

“I think campaigning while running unopposed was really helpful in interacting with the student body. I think that students were more connected to the election because they did know who was running and that it was election time. Our campaign, “The Senior Citizens,” was a fun way for us to work together with the student body and encourage not only their vote, but also their communication with the Student Unions,” said Vice President elect Michelle Kavanaugh.

The Executive Board works with the student Senate and help to allocate funds and make decisions on campus policies. One such decision was keeping the student Nightrider on the Jule, which provides safe transportation for students at night. One controversial aspect of this decision was that these funds otherwise went to the yearbook.

The new executive board is excited about their new positions and the year to come.

“I’d like the students of Loras to feel empowered to take action and for them to feel like their voices and their concerns are being heard by the administration,” said Day. The 2016-17 school year will hopefully be a productive time for both the Loras Community and the Student Union.

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