The trend that swept the nation

By Maddie Smith

The latest viral internet challenge emerged last week as pictures and videos of brooms standing alone on their bristles flooded all social media outlets. Yes, you read that right. According to a tweet that would later receive 309,000 likes and 70,900 retweets, NASA reported that February 10th was the only day of the year that brooms would be able to stand up on their own due to the earth’s gravitational pull. And thus, the #BroomChallenge was born.

Much to the internet’s surprise, however, NASA revealed that there is no truth to this claim. They also took advantage of this opportunity to recognize the importance of education and research regarding such claims, though harmless in this instance. On February 11, they took to Twitter themselves where they posted a video of their successful broom challenge, emphasizing that “basic physics works every day of the year – not just February 10th.”

Touché, NASA, touché.

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