The Jule’s College Services

DUBUQUE- Desperate for a ride? Looks like college students will be able to depend on the city bus to get around for yet another school year.

After grant funding came to an end, the city worked with local colleges to decide the fate of the service.

Loras College, University of Dubuque, and Clarke College all now have a 20 dollar fee built into their tuition which allows the continuation of daytime and nighttime services.

But one crucial piece of advice for college students: you must remember to bring your student ID in order catch a ride. The schools’ student identification information has been added to the city transit information so the office is able to keep track of just how many different students are utilizing the service.

City Transit Manager, Candace Eudaley-Loebach clarifies, “The only real change is just having to swipe so we can get that information to basically defend and show that students are really using it.”

The Jule Transit has also updated their site. Using myride on a computer or smartphone, riders are able to see the buses moving in real-time along with estimated stop times.

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