The Jule to Drive In New Changes

DUBUQUE, IA-  For many Dubuque residents, the work flow is very soon going to be much different.
For years, the Jule transit system has been a staple in the city of Dubuque servicing many members of the community, including college students, commuting adults, and people with disabilities.Candace Eudaley-Loebach, transit manager of the Jule states, “Whenever we have fixed route services, we also have the minibus option because there needs to be equal access for everybody.”

With those universal services come plans for some new changes.

Because so few people use the bus on Saturdays, they’ll run fewer buses those days, and extend route hours during the week.  Eudaley-Loebach again mentions, “Instead of stopping most routes at six o clock at night, they’ll go to nine o clock at night on weekdays,” a change many busy Dubuquers can look forward to.  The plans are to come in to practice mid-August just before the school year resumes so that new college students can reap the benefits as soon as the semester begins.

Anyone wishing to give feedback on the changes can do so by clicking here.

Photojournalists: Allie Kaleta and Payton Van Vors

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Adrienne is currently a senior at Loras College from Byron, Illinois. She is the sports producer and reporter for LCTV News and a staff writer at the Lorian. After graduation, she hopes to work as an editor in creative video production.

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