The Ease of Binge Watching

DUBUQUE – With students back at school undergoing the spring break blues, many students fight the battle between homework and Netflix.

According to Loras College Media Studies Professor Paul Kohl, “[Netflix] allows people to escape from the world.”

However, a short Netflix break can easily turn into hours of unproductivity. The ease of watching one more episode can lead to binge watching, but what exactly is binge watching?

Dr. Kohl shared his insight of binge watching when saying, “Binge watching is defined as watching two to six episodes of the same program in one sitting.” First year student Marnie Ferguson recalls, “I would stay up super late every single night watching more episodes, so I was sleep deprived, and I was kind of going crazy.”

Though the craziness might cause a negative connation, some studies show that binge watching increases one’s resiliency and attention span.

In the end, students will have to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to doing homework or watching Netflix.

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Kelly Kuboushek

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Kelly is a junior at Loras College majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Public Relations and Business. Kelly is the Executive Producer for LCTV News and served as the Associate Producer for three semesters prior. Kelly is currently a Marketing Intern at Cartegraph.

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