The Dorm Room Chronicles Take The Big Screen

Five Loras students took to the big screen to make their film debut. The Dorm Room Chronicles started as just a way to pass the time, but quickly Brennan Pivnicka, Ron Parr, Andrew Weber, James Kappes, Garrett Schroeder turned it into a full-length feature.

The film reimagines the college experience with aliens, monsters, and adventurous quests. With the main characters experiencing the craziest adventures in the dormitories of Loras College.

The writers would recommend the film for pretty much anyone and everyone.
“Very much recommend it for anyone who is going though college, has been in college, is currently in college or doesn’t fit into any of those categories but still enjoys a good time. I find that is sort of a lose and entertaining look at live and you know, anyone can kinda related to it, so is something that everybody can enjoy.” » said Brennan Pivnicka.

If you are looking for an Action- Adventure- Sci fi- Coming of age film don’t look anywhere else.  Because this film is about to transform your whole college experience.


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