Tech Beat: Streaming Services

The digital age continues to grow every day with more people preferring to use streaming services than their traditional cable. Within the last year, about 4-million households dropped their cable service while in that same time, streaming subscriptions jumped by about 11-million.

But what are these streaming services? And how do you get them? I returned to Best Buy and ran into Eddie Sievers, a Home Theater sales associate to get some answers. He started off by listing off some of the more popular devices you see, “Probably the most popular right now is the Amazon Fire, and then you’re also going to see the Roku – really user friendly; a lot easier to get into. And then you have more of your premium role with your Apple TVs.”

Each device only requires an open HDMI port on the TV, a spot for wall power, and an active Wi-Fi signal. From there, it takes you step-by-step for setting it up. Sievers backed up the process saying, “a big concern people have is the actual functionality or ease of use of the setup process – don’t want to alarm anybody – it’s pretty easy.”

But why go through all this? What are the benefits? For that, I found a customer to get his reasons why he made the switch. “I have access to what I want immediately, and I don’t have to wait for all the shows to come on.”

But when you go to get a TV now, most of them are smart TVs already having those apps built into them. Despite this, Sievers still recommends that people buy one separately saying, “I would go to what they’re designed for. The TVs that are smart TVs- they’re designed to use it maybe a couple times, not that full usage where your standalone devices are strictly designed just for that.”

Streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV can all be found at most major retailers. Information about the apps can be found at their respective sites.

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