Tanning Bill gets Reactions from Local Tanners

DUBUQUE – High schoolers may be saying goodbye to tan skin and UV rays due to a new bill that would ban tanning for minors.

Carrie Miller, owner of The Hot Spot in downtown Dubuque, opposes the legislation. She believes that the right to tan for minors should be left for parents to decide.

“I think everyone should be educated in tanning, not just minors, parents especially,” she says.

Rob Taylor is one representative who passed the bill in the Iowa House Human Relations Committee.

“What this tanning bill does is prohibit anyone under the age of eighteen from being able to use tanning facilities,” Taylor explains. He adds that one unlikely industry is even in favor of that bill.

“The tanning industry specifically said that this was only two percent of their business, and that they wanted to do everything they could to maintain the health and quality of our young people.”

Even though the bill has yet to be passed by the Iowa House, Senate, and Governor, local tanners are giving their opinion on the issue.

One Dubuque area resident says, “I think as long as it’s done in moderation it’s fine.”

Another is in favor.

“I would say under eighteen I think that it’s not a bad idea. I think overall it’s kind of a cosmetic, not necessary thing.”

Miller, on the other hand, wishes people would see past tanning as a cosmetic service and understand the possible health benefits it can offer.

“Tanning is not only for looking beautiful. Tanning in the Midwest is to keep your Vitamin D up also and to protect your skin from the rays when we get summer.”

The bill has yet to be heard by the Iowa House, but is expected to in a few weeks.


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