Syrian refugee crisis comes to Iowa

DUBUQUE – Recent terror attacks in Paris have sparked new debate in the United States over Syrian refugees. Thirty-one governors said they are refusing to accept refugees, including Terry Branstad of Iowa.

A civil war has displaced 12 million Syrians, of which 4.5 million are registered refugees residing inside and outside the country.

Heated rhetoric on both sides of the aisle have polarized many Americans on this issue. Loras student and Syrian native, Sara Al-Fayoumi, gives a unique perspective on the issue. She says that some of the rhetoric coming from the right side of the aisle is disheartening to hear.

“Those people are living in tents, they don’t have the basic living rights. As a human I have a right for education, a place to live, to feel secure. They don’t have those choices,” said Al-Fayoumi.

President Obama has pledged to accept 10,000 refugees over the next year. Al-Fayoumi says this plan is a good start and hopes that more Americans will be accepting of Syrian refugees.

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