Sweetheart Ball

Dubuque, IA- The Dubuque County Fair Association hosted their annual Sweetheart Ball this weekend. Members of the community were brought together for a fun-filled evening of dinner and dancing in front of a live band-stand.

Jamie Blum general manager of the Dubuque County Fair says “Valentines Day is special for all couples, I think its a great way to get together to meet your friends and just have a nice time dancing and dinner.” Whether simply beginning dancing, or have been doing it for years, couples of all ages were able to show off the waltz, cha-cha, and foxtrot by strapping on their dancing shoes and showing off their moves.

For years, the Sweetheart ball has been bringing couples, together even though this year the numbers were down compared to years due to weather conditions. The fair board hosts a number of events each year including the Spring Ball, Square Dance Weekends, and the Holly Ball in December.

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