Sustainability Efforts on Campus

DUBUQUE- With the rainstorms and blooming flowers of Spring, comes the cleanup.

Emily Ney, representative of the Sophomore class explains, “We got two truck loads of mulch and distributed it anywhere.”

Students from all over campus came together this past Sunday for an event called Beautify Loras. Various organizations came together to paint benches, spread mulch, cleanup trash, and plant seeds in the garden. This event is just one of many efforts on campus focused on creating sustainable living.

Loras College Professor of Biology, Dr. Aditi Sinha notes there is more than one individual responsible for this trend. Sinha states, “There are lots of individual efforts deserving of praise.”

An organization on Loras Campus called Du-Something is most definitely, doing something. Junior, Louisa Pavlik explains, “Du-Something has been more sustainability oriented because we’ve been hoping to get more students involved.”

The group holds informational panels, collects student’s old supplies, and helps maintain a student-run garden.

Honors groups are also working on creating a solar powered campus house, banning plastic bags in the city, and even installed water saving technology on the campus toilets.

Sinha credits the increase in awareness due to more education and media attention on sustainability, “People are becoming more and more aware and more conscious of their actions and the impacts it has.”

Despite all the positive efforts, the campus and Dubuque community is always looking to progress. Sinha and Pavlik expressed an interest to spread the gardens to every campus housing center. Sinha hopes, “We would like to see this spread on campus in bigger ways.”

Many students agree to continue moving towards sustainability. Ney exclaims, “It’s amazing to see what we can do and to think that we could possibly bring it out further not just on this campus but maybe in the community.”

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